Emergency Universal Basic Income for Canada

Our Mission

#EUBI is an Emergency Basic Income Fund for every Canadian Citizen 18+ during times of pandemic and/or national financial crises such as the COVID19 Pandemic. A fund owned by Canadians and held in trust until the Emergency Measures Act is required.

Our Team

We are volunteering our time to make this happen. Our team has access to government relations experts who are advocating on your behalf that Canada immediately institute an Emergency Universal Basic Income for every resident Canadian 18+. 

Our History

Our agency has lobbied for some of the most progressive measures undertaken by Federal Government in recent history. We work with Federal Ministers and Industry Stakeholders while bringing Canadians together around policies that work for Canada and Canadians.


How It Works

EUBI is an emergency pool of income derived by taxation, donation, and other economic inputs that is on reserve for emergency measures situations such as the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. 

The fund will be 100% recoupable by Canadians during times of crisis. The goal is to get to a $1250.00 monthly tax free basic income provided during the course of a crisis event. The allocation and distribution of money will be within 24-48 hours of a national emergency. 

The fund is transparent, grows daily, and cannot be triggered by any government for any other reason than emergency measures situations such as the current COVID-19 pandemic or a financial market crash.

What is Emergency Universal Basic Income as a Concept?

Emergency Universal Basic Income is an economic plan that pays you a monthly salary to live a healthy, safe existence regardless of national financial issues. It enhances unemployment and replaces welfare programs during times of National Crisis.

  • Unconditional: A basic income would not vary with age. Everyone of the voting age would receive the same basic income, whatever their gender, employment status, family structure, contribution to society, housing costs, or anything else. A separate amount would be allocated for children.
  • Automatic: Someone's basic income would be automatically paid weekly or monthly into a bank account or similar.
  • Non-withdrawable: Basic incomes would not be means-tested. Whether someone's earnings increase, decrease, or stay the same, their basic income will not change.
  • Individual: Basic incomes would be paid on an individual basis and not on the basis of a couple or household.
  • As a right: Every legal resident would receive an emergency basic income, subject to a minimum period of legal residency and continuing residency for the duration of a national Emergency Measures crisis.

Why Emergency Measures Only?

Universal Basic Income as a concept is admired but difficult to pass into legislation. Emergency Universal Basic Income would provide the benefit when it is actually needed without the social, political and economic implications of a traditional UBI model. 

How Will Canada Pay For It?

There are several models that can generate money for an EUBI fund. Suggested methods are fluid and ongoing. 

  • Rerouting a portion of income and sales tax
  • Foreign Property Investment Percentage
  • Tax-Deductible Donations
  • Non-Profit Donations
  • Wealth Tax
  • Immigration fees for non-qualifying wealthy immigrants who wish to reside in Canada

Why Does Canada Need it?

  • Sitting governments by design do not consider long term health of the country.
  • COVID-19 created a paradigm shift about response readiness.
  • It is your money, it is your decision to save it in event of crisis.
  • Global instability is more apparent than ever.
  • Current wealth distribution has proven to fail providing for the needs of Canadians who create this wealth.
  • Basic Income models have already been proven as positive in Canada.

What Can I Do?

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